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April 24, 2012

The Truth About Statins:
Risks and Alternatives to Cholesterol Lowering Drugs

Written by Barbara Roberts, MD


Despite the rosy picture painted in the ads of a miracle cure for high cholesterol and its attendant heart disease, the reality of taking statins may be far less pretty. Dr. Barbara H. Roberts, director of the Women’s Cardiac Center at the Miriam Hospital in Rhode Island, discusses both the benefits and health risks of these popular drugs in this comprehensive guide that finally reveals the questionable science behind the research studies. This honest, patient-friendly appraisal of the most widely used medications in the world may shock you, but it may also save your life.

Offering clear-cut, easy-to-understand information in an easily accessible fashion, Dr. Roberts explains how to take the best possible care of your heart, including:

* The keys to maintaining cardiovascular well-being
* How to interpret your cholesterol numbers
* The frightening adverse effects of popular drugs



It is time to take charge of your heart health. Learn the facts behind the hype so that you can make informed decisions on a subject vital to your continued health. If you or someone you love either takes a statin or is considering doing so, you need to read this book.

 Includes recipes for a delicious and heart-healthy diet, including Wasabi-Roasted Salmon, Pasta with Avocado Sauce, and Lemon-Pineapple Breakfast Muffins.

$29 Billion Reasons to Lie about Cholesterol

Written by Justin Smith
$29 Billion Reasons to Lie about Cholesterol
"$29 Billion Reasons to Lie about Cholesterol provides unequivocal evidence to show that the idea cholesterol causes heart disease is false. We have been made to worry about cholesterol for the sole purpose of sustaining a cholesterol-lowering industry that generates at least $29 billion each year. "

2 NEW Books ~ The Great Cholesterol Con

Dr Malcolm Kendrick's new book with the same title is released January 2007.
"In this groundbreaking book, GP Malcolm Kendrick exposes the truth behind the hype. He will change the way we think about cholesterol forever."
Read more and order here...

Anthony Colpo's (The Omnivore) new book is released.
"The notion that cholesterol and saturated fat cause heart disease is one of the most fundamental tenets of modern medicine. It is also completely false."
Read more and order here...

Book Review by Jimmy Moore, author of "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb"

Dr Graveline's latest 'statin' book

Statin Drugs ~ Side Effects and The Misguided War on Cholesterol
Written by: Duane Graveline MD, MPH
Description and Order Information
As a former astronaut, medical research scientist, flight surgeon and family doctor, Dr. Graveline was appalled by the lack of information in his own medical community on the true side effects of the statin drugs. Dr. Graveline has completed his campaign to reveal the truth with this highly readable book.

Written for the public as well as physicians, this new book brings to the reader an account of the frequently disruptive impact of statin drugs on the delicate machinery of life within each of our body cells.
This book will frighten you as it informs you.

Malignant Medical Myths: Why Medical Treatment Causes 200,000 Deaths in the USA Each Year…

Written by Joel M. Kauffman, Ph.D.
"Cholesterol is always present in our blood, and is necessary for life as an essential component of membranes, of nerve junctions, and of brain function (Mauch et al., 2001), and as a source of hormones."

"There was never satisfactory evidence that lowering TC or LDL in most people would be of the slightest benefit. While a correlation does not necessarily prove a cause, a lack of correlation necessarily proves a lack of cause. Pretending otherwise is the scam."

Sneak Peak & Reviews

In The News...

Book Review by Donald W. Miller, Jr., M.D. (P. 63)

Heart Frauds - Uncovering the Biggest Health Scam in History

Written by Charles T McGee, MD
The title of his book arises from his insistence that more than 80 percent of angiograms and heart bypass surgeries are unnecessary. He also argues that cholesterol isn't as major a factor in provoking heart attacks as it is made out to be, and that advertising and greed are among the main forces driving many drug companies and much of medical practice to say that it is.
Order here...
Or here...

Panic Nation

Written by Stanley Feldman ~ Panic Nation examines the truth behind the headlines, drawing together the country's leading experts in their field to examine these questions.  Dr Malcolm Kendrick contributes a chapter dedicated to cholesterol and highlights Dr Uffe Ravnskov's "Cholesterol Myths". Order here...


American Diet, The: A Recipe for Disaster
Written by Edmund Devroey, MD
This book
is "intended as a template for people willing to educate themselves about nutrition and health".
Two Versions: Paperback or E-Book

Bitter Pills
Written by Stephen Fried
"When his wife fell ill after taking medication, a journalist delved into the legal drug industry."
NY Times Article ('free' login required)
Book Review...
Chapter One...

Cholesterol Conspiracy
by Russell L Smith, Ph. D.
Blog by Jeff Iversen

Cholesterol Myths, The
by Uffe Ravnskov, MD, PhD ~ Exposing the fallacy that saturated fat and cholesterol cause heart disease. 7 reviews by PhD's.

Healing Nutrients Within, The
Written by Eric R. Braverman, M.D ~ Two dozen amino acids present in the human body are now being shown to be among the most potent healing substances ever discovered.
Customer Reviews (ScienceDaily Books)

Description and Order here...

Health Myths Exposed
Written by Shane Ellison
Review by Chris Gupta ~ 10 Myths

Health Myths Exposed
& Hidden Truths about Cholesterol Lowering Drugs
by Shane Ellison ~ Learn about Deadly Health Myths
~ Add 10 Years to your Life
Descriptions and Order here...

Heart Revolution, The
by Kilmer McCully, MD ~ Homocysteine is a toxic amino acid made in the body as an intermediate substance in continuous small amounts, but it is destined for rapid destruction through metabolism that depends on key dietary B vitamins. The Heart Revolution presents heart disease risk as principally stemming from a lack of these key B vitamins, folic acid, vitamin B-12, and vitamin B-6.
About the Author and the Book

Homocysteine Revolution, The
by Kilmer McCully, MD ~ Dr McCully's earlier book about homocysteine, a byproduct of metabolism, which has been discovered to be a better risk indicator of heart disease than high cholesterol.
Review by Editor-in-Chief, Texas Heart Institute Journal: Robert J Hall, MD (PDF)
Description and Order here...

Know Your Fats
The Complete Primer for Understanding the Nutrition of Fats, Oils and Cholesterol
by Mary Enig, Ph. D - Dr. Enig has authored numerous journal publications, mainly on fats and oils research and nutrient/drug interactions. She was an early and articulate critic of the use of trans fatty acids and advocated their inclusion in nutritional labeling.
About the Author, Book's description and Order here...

Last Well Person, The - How to Stay Well Despite the Health-Care System
by Nortin M. Hadler
~ Description of his book

~ Book Review

Living the GI Diet
[several different versions] Written by Rick Gallop ~ Recipes by Emily Richards ~ Foods are divided into categories: green column, eat it; red column, avoid it; yellow column, proceed with caution. Includes some recipes, snack ideas, a shopping list, and tips on dining out.
PLEASE NOTE: This is not a "true" GI Diet book. It is low fat, low cholesterol with a GI twist. 
Available online.

Overdo$ed America: The Broken Promise of American Medicine
by John Abramson, MD ~ Book Review by Joel M. Kauffman, PhD ~
"How the Pharmaceutical Companies Distort Medical Knowledge, Mislead Doctors, and Compromise Your Health" ~ October, 2004
Book Review

Schwarzbein Principle, The
by Diana Schwarzbein, MD and Nancy Deville.
The truth about weight loss, health and aging.

Statin Drugs - Side Effects and the Misguided War on Cholesterol
by Duane Graveline, MD ~ Description of his book and more...

Stop Worrying About Cholesterol!
Better Ways to Avoid a Heart Attack & Get Healthy
by Dr Richard E Tapert
Stop Worrying About Cholesterol! challenges the current official opinion that consumption of animal fat and cholesterol are the cause of heart disease and heart attack death.
Order the Book here...

The Truth About the Drug Companies:
How They Deceive Us & What to Do About It
Article & Book written by Marcia Angell ~ lengthy article & very informative. I like her statement in part 2: What does the eight-hundred-pound gorilla do? Anything it wants to. [That's the drug companies in a nutshell.] ~ Article Dated: 7/15/04


Best Of TheOmnivore, The

by Anthony Colpo (Author of The Great Cholesterol Scam)
In 2003 Australian researcher Anthony Colpo started, a web site that took modern medicine's most sacred beliefs and completely tore them to shreds! Read more & order his E-Book...

Hidden Truth About Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs!
Revised & Expanded
by Shane Ellison - To Quote Shane "Myth: Cholesterol is Bad for You. ~ Fact: Cholesterol is vital for most bodily functions. In fact, high cholesterol increases longevity."
E-Book (PDF)
Book Review by Chris Masterjohn ~ 9/1/05

Why Animals Don't Get Heart Attacks - But People Do!
by Matthias Rath, MD

Online Book ~ Book Intro. & Chapters 1 through 10 ~ Cellular Health Recommendations for Prevention & Adjunct Therapy ~ [PDF format] Excellent information about Atherosclerosis, Heart Attack, Stroke, High Cholesterol, High BP, Irregular Heartbeat, Heart Failure, Cardiovascular. Chapter 7 covers diabetes. [Dated: Sept 2003] -
Click on each Chapter to display the document

Reproduction Authorization -  Email Contact: MR Publishing

Chapter 1 ~ Introduction
[Pgs. 14 > 31] ~ Mission to Eradicate Heart Disease, Ten Step Program for Natural Cardiovascular Health, Cellular Medicine: Solution to Cardiovascular Disease.

Chapter 2 ~ Artherosclerosis, Heart Attack & Stroke
[Pgs. 34 > 77] ~ The Facts About Coronary Heart Disease.

Chapter 3 ~ High Cholesterol Levels & Other Secondary Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease
[Pgs. 80 > 97] ~ Cholesterol Is Only a Secondary Risk Factor & Cholesterol - Heart Disease Fallacy.

Chapter 4 ~ High Blood Pressure
[Pgs. 100 > 109] ~ Facts About High Blood Pressure.

Chapter 5 ~ Heart Failure
[Pgs.112 > 131] ~ Facts About Heart Failure & Fatal Consequences of incomplete Treatment of Heart Failure.

Chapter 6 ~ Irregular Heartbeat (Arrhythmia)
[Pgs. 134 > 147] ~ Facts About Irregular Heartbeat.

Chapter 7 ~ Diabetes
[Pgs. 150 > 165] ~ Facts About Adult Onset Diabetes/How Diabetic Cardiovascular Disease Develops.

Chapter 8 ~ Specific Cardiovascular Problems
[Pgs. 168 > 189] ~ Facts about Angina Pectoris/Ameliorate Angina Pectoris/Patients After a Heart Attack, Undergoing Coronary Bypass Surgery & Angioplasty.

Chapter 9 ~ External & Inherited Cardiovascular Risks
[Pgs. 192 > 207] ~ Unhealthy Diet/Smoking/Stress/Hormonal Contraceptives/Pharmaceutical Drugs/Dialysis/Surgery/Inherited Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease.

Chapter 10 ~ Cellular Medicine
[Pgs. 210 > 231] ~ Cellular Health Depends on Cellular Bioenergy/Scientific Facts About Cellular Nutrients/Conventional Medicine vs. Cellular Medicine/Q & A's.



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